About us

Fathom are a group of engineers who love what we do.

The founding team first worked together on a successful marine project in 2015, and kept in touch as we followed different paths, gained diverse experiences and focused on our individual specialities.

In 2018 we got together again to discuss the good, bad and ugly of engineering projects and concluded that by combining our own unique blend of skills and experience, we can do it better – so we set to work.

Later that year we founded Fathom Group Ltd with the vision of creating an engineering business to challenge the status quo in engineering design and analysis through a leaner and more personal service model.

Our Team

Richard has over 15 years oil & gas experience across project management and multi-discipline design roles delivering projects for Operators and Tier 1 contractors such as BP, Helix ESG, Saipem and Transocean. Richard draws from this experience across project management, design engineering and hands-on roles to offer a rounded and holistic approach to all Fathom projects. Richard has a strong focus on customer engagement and an attention for detail to leave no stone unturned. 

Krzysztof’s technical leadership comes from his experience as lead engineer on a diverse portfolio of offshore, marine and subsea projects. These projects have ranged from intricate tooling and machinery design up to large subsea structures in excess of 1600t. He has a great depth of knowledge in the design, analysis and validation of subsea structures including structural integrity, operability, joint design, fatigue, transit studies and more. Krzysztof’s fundamental understanding of engineering principles, combined with his passion for engineering software, drives the constant evolution of Fathom’s engineering methods and the development of our in-house software to solve complex engineering problems. 

Brian has 14 years’ experience in the energy sector working in Business Development and Project Management roles for leading Engineering and Legal companies. Brian is passionate about the Energy Transition specifically considering how Oil & Gas companies can pivot to realise the opportunities in the emerging energy landscape. Brian holds a degree in marketing and a Masters in Energy Law and joined Fathom in 2020 to help develop the business and help spread the customer-focused message of the Group.

Mike has been delivering sales and developing business for clients in the energy sector since 2005 and holds a degree in Chemical Engineering with postgraduate studies in Petroleum Engineering. Mike adds further experience and enthusiasm to the team at Fathom Group, having previously worked with international clients across the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Jacek is passionate about utilising Computer Science for the optimisation of engineering methods. His understanding of engineering principles and FEA methods, combined with his experience in data analysis, allows him to identify bottlenecks and implement relevant automation strategies to improve the efficiency of complex engineering analysis tasks. Jacek holds a BEng in Power Engineering (Fluid Flow Machinery), MSc. in Subsea engineering and is currently pursuing second MSc in Computer Science with Data Analytics. 

Alex has a broad range of knowledge and experience in design engineering with a focus on safety critical heavy engineering projects across the renewable energy industry.

His familiarity with manufacturing processes and extensive hands-on experience ensures that every detail in his designs are carefully considered.

Alex holds an MEng in Acoustical Engineering and is particularly interested in the vibrational analysis of structures.

Leszek holds an MSc. Naval Architecture and has 30 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry focused on ships, marine technology, marine structures and equipment. He is an experienced project manager and structural discipline lead in projects including concept and delivery of hull designs, sea-fastenings and complex topsides equipment. His portfolio of work includes aquaculture trawlers, passenger vessels, pipelay vessels & equipment, autonomous container ships and pile construction barges.

Anna is an experienced industrial engineer and academic and is currently studying her PhD at the University of Technology in Warsaw – and forms in important bridge for us between industry and academia. She is passionate about system dynamics with a particular focus on marine and offshore engineering. She is an experienced Python programmer and helps to develop our efficient in-house methods and numerical modelling solutions. Anna has co-authored engineering papers for noted scientific journals including a combined paper with Fathom published in Ocean Engineering titled the ‘Proposal of the 3-DOF model as an approach to modelling offshore lifting dynamics’. She has been recognised as a technical authority in this area and has since been part of the review panel for Ocean Engineering.

Bogumil holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Automotive Construction Machinery Engineering specialising in Mechanics & Machine Design. He is Assistant Professor at Warsaw University of Technology and in this capacity has supervised a number of awarded scientific projects. His knowledge of complex mechanics and mathematical modelling of coupled physical systems brings great insight to our engineering team when solutions require validation beyond standard engineering practice or the common practices applied in design codes. Bogumil also co-authors and presents papers developed in conjunction with Fathom Group.