At Fathom we thrive on using our engineering know-how to help you solve your problems. We have design and analysis experience ranging from large subsea deployable structures, mechanical lifting and handling devices, packaged equipment and downhole tools. Our engineers have developed and applied our expertise across multiple sectors including oil & gas, decommissioning, nuclear & renewables and specialise in compliance with offshore and marine codes.

We like to work as closely as possible with our clients, getting to know your biggest problems and helping you to solve them. Although passionate about engineering process we also recognise that each job we do can have its own unique challenges, and so often use our experience to develop an optimised process suited to your specific requirements and budget.

Our rounded and holistic approach to engineering considers efficient, effective and economical design, incorporating aspects of:

  • Manufacture & Testing
  • Mobilisation & Transit
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Maintenance, Storage & Re-use


Please explore our service offerings below, and contact us where we would be pleased to support your enquiry.