Modular Recovery System

Fathom’s innovative Modular Recovery System has been developed to facilitate the recovery of subsea assets with a significantly reduced operational expenditure. The system removes the need for divers to be involved in recovery operations and therefore can significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with dive operations. The project gained backing from the Scottish Government as 1 of 10 successful projects in 2020s Decommissioning Challenge Fund.

Through market research, R&D, concept development, front end engineering design (FEED) and detailed design, Fathom have developed this innovative system which challenges the existing recovery methods used in the decommissioning sector through high efficiency and safety.

Initially targeting the industry challenges and opportunities associated with concrete mattress recovery, the system has been developed with Fathom’s rounded and holistic approach to ensure efficiency during every step of its life cycle including:

  • Low fabrication cost
  • Ease of transport & mobilisation
  • Operational effectiveness and adaptability
  • Safety and efficiency of deck operations
  • Ease of maintenance, repair and adjustment
  • Minimised environmental impact by avoiding damage of mattresses and allowing for re-use and re-purposing instead of disposal
  • Modular design allowing for adaptation to client specific operational procedures and a further range of subsea handling activities


  • Subsea Mattress Recovery
  • Subsea Mattress and Scour Protection Deployment
  • Boulder Clearance
  • Pipeline Recovery
  • Shipping Container Recovery
  • Chain and Crane Wire Recovery


Modular Recovery System
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