Engineering Methods Development

We can help with the development of your in-house engineering team by providing bespoke calculation methods, algorithms and engineering toolboxes. We provide these tools along with training to empower your team, improve your audit traceability and streamline your delivery of high quality engineering.

Our in-house team can develop this further into software based solutions for a more guided and secure interface which can further improve quality, be used across departments outside of engineering, and can also be shared with end clients to offer a value added service. This could help in efficiently clarifying capacity for single pieces of equipment across varying environments, or for specifying the correct combinations of assemblies from ranges of tooling.

As engineers we have a desire to share our knowledge and methods and recognise this knowledge sharing as an important way to build trust, learn and grow with our clients.


  • Bespoke engineering research and problem solving
  • Task automation (bespoke scripts, algorithms, APIs)
  • High efficiency data processing
  • Data transfer between software packages
  • Bespoke in-software menus and processes
  • Locked and simplified software for operations teams and clients
  • Our team can deliver you solutions in MathCAD, SQL, Excel, Python and more

Examples :

  • Fatigue software taking time traces from Orcaflex to enable probabilistic approach
  • Fatigue software calculating fatigue damage for tubular joints
  • Welded connection code checks
  • Bolted connection code checks
  • Ship motion processor (based on displacement RAO’s)
  • Hydrodynamic load generator for fixed offshore structures
  • Offshore lift numerical module (partially published in Ocean Engineering)
  • Automation of member & joint checks (EC3, ISO 19902)
  • Well intervention system operational limits calculation tool
  • Complex failure estimation combining buckling and yield
Engineering Methods Development
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