Marine & Subsea Dynamics

Our team specialise in understanding and developing solutions for offshore operations involving marine and subsea dynamics. We have helped to deliver projects involving the full lifecycle of marine and subsea operations including sea-fastening, transit, lifting, splash zone deployment, environmental loading and fatigue.

Our engineers have been at the fore of world first solutions including open water drilling from a motion compensated platform and the world’s largest pre-piling template. We are constantly developing our knowledge and our team of engineers and academics have published papers on the subject of lifting dynamics for world leading scientific journals


  • Splash zone analysis
  • Offshore operability studies (lifting, transfer, mating, installation)
  • Offshore structures dynamic analysis
  • Marine structures dynamic analysis
  • Crane dynamics and pendulum motion


  • Modular Recovery System deployment, recovery and operation
  • Pipeline pre-commissioning equipment deployment and in-operation dynamics
  • Piling template dynamic response analysis (during pile installation)
  • Piling template operability studies 
  • Piling template splash zone deployment
  • Pipeline deployment analysis
  • Deployment of subsea transport units
  • Assessment of motion compensated platform and open water drill string